Friday, October 30, 2009

Bozo, Jerusha, and a bone

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Still alive

I know I know. I took a looong break, but I'm back now, and I'm never going away again. It's been ages! Everybody says when they see me these days 'Oooh! How Bozo's grown!"
Well, what do you think? Have I grown? Am I big boy like everyone keeps telling my housemates?

Life's great. I'm quite happy. I'm just wondering when the humans will ever tire of the 'doggy treat' trick and just let me have my treats in peace!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More shots

They keep dragging me to the vet with some excuse for some shots or the other. I think they just enjoy watching me go through harrowing and painful experiences. This time they even brought a camera with them, just to catch my expression when the needle goes in to my flesh.

They could just ask me what I feel when the needle goes in. It's easy to describe. First, this overwhelming feeling of amazement overtakes my senses - plain, simple surprise....
Then, the surprise is replaced with pain. And for some weird reason, whenever I experience pain of any kind, one of my eyes will grow smaller than the other, like so -

After this, they take me home, and I just feel sick and tired and snooze. Then I feel all better after that. It's not a totally bad experience overall. I can in fact make use of it to show off what a big boy I've become. Other dogs yelp, howl, whine, bark. Me, I never make a sound. Because big dogs don't cry.Jerusha is going away, she says she's going to spend Christmas with her family. Marian & Tina will follow her soon after. And I'll be stuck here all alone with Orpi, and because she works weird hours, that means I'll have no one to sleep with, no one to take me for a walk, I'm not going to have a fun Christmas. I just wish Orpi wouldn't have to work nights :( But I'll be okay, I'm a big dog now.

Merry Christmas to everyone from the Hmar family!


I like chewing on paper!

Even though I have many chewy toys and massive bones to gnaw on, I just can't seem to help myself when Jerusha works on her corny scrapbooks, and there are heaps of paper lying on the floor. I just don't get why this makes her angry and she accuses me of making a mess when it's already messy before I even join in the fun!

Some people are such whiners!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My secretary's got a cold

Jerusha's got a very slight case of the flu but she loves acting sick, so she's refusing to do her usual secretarial work for me. I begged but she said she'll put up a few pictures and that's all. She asked me to pick the pictures, but didn't give me time to go through all my albums. So please keep in mind that these are not my best pictures really..

Pic 1: That's me, hiding in some corner of Jerusha's room because I'd been up to some fun that Marian likes to call 'mischief.'

Pic 2: Me & Marian on one of our rare happy times together.
Pic 3: Me after my shots.

Pic 4: Looking for something to eat in the kitchen.
That's all for now folks! (Until Jerusha feels better)


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Marian is a meanie!

That's it! I declare that Marian is officially my least favorite person in my family.

All she does is make fun of me. She does things to make me look as ridiculous as possible, and to add to her sadistic glee - ensures a picture is taken!
Look at me! Is that any way for any self-respecting dog to be photographed?! And that when I was sick too. I'd just gotten home from a trip to the vet who was maybe even meaner than Marian. He mercilessly poked me with sharp needles! And just when you think you can someday forgive her, she goes and does something meaner. She does it even while I am peacefully asleep!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Am I addicted to blogging? It's only been a couple of hours since I started, yet I find myself wanting to blog some more already!

I want to follow up on one tip that a seasoned blogger gave me. To start with the things that you're not proud of, get all the shameful things out in the light first, so that I can continue peacefully with the rest. So I will do that, but I'll rely on pictures to do my talking!

Marian took these really embarrasing pictures of me the other day.

Embarrassing not because I was caught with my pants down, but because I acted sicker than the really ill Jerusha. The only thing nice about this is that I was luckily wearing my favorite Spiderman Tee.
I also cuddled up shamelessly against Marian to ensure that she didn't forget about me, and that I needed tending as much as the infirm.

And don't forget getting ample rest. Day 1 of sickness: I was really tired and slept more than the sick Jerusha.
Day 2: I slept more than Jerusha again. Which was okay, the one thing that makes me feel kinda bad is that I used her as a mattress and carelessly trampled all over her aching body.
I think I should have done my dozing on the able bodied Marian or Orpi instead.